Christmas gift cards are here !

Want to offer a zero waste, carbon free, sustainable and mind challenging gift for Christmas ?
Take your family members or friends to learn french, with one of the Avril en Provence’s gift cards !

Follow these steps

1 – Choose the number and type of lessons you want to offer on our website.

2 – Order your personalized gift card by sending an email at (name of the person, and code of the card that you have chosen)

3 – You will receive your gift card by email within 48h. You can then make the money transfer and you will receive the invoice and confirmation of the transfer when it is done.

4 – When the person wants to start the lessons, he/she just has to contact Avril en Provence and give his/her name to organize the lessons! A first 30 min online interview will be schedule to set up the teaching program and quickly evaluate his/her level.

Our Christmas Gift cards


5 lessons + 1 free: 175 € (code CL1)

10 lessons + 2 free: 350 € (code CL2)


5 lessons + 1 free: 200 € (code FL1)

10 lessons + 2 free: 400 € (code FL2)


*Because of Covid19 and to avoid huge money refunds transfers, a 25% of the total amount is required for booking the stay, but the rest can be paid on the week before the actual stay.

Language holidays: 1575 € (instead of 1750 €) (code IM1)

Gastronomy: 1575 € (instead of 1750 €) (code IM2)

Nature and wellness: (1755€ instead of 1950€) (code IM3)

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